I restored my iron level in just 4 weeks

Several years ago I was recovering from a miscarriage where I lost over half the blood in my body.  Even after a blood transfusion, my numbers were... 

Hematocrit 23.8, Hemoglobin 8.6

When I left the hospital, I was told it would take 4-6 months to get my blood count and iron level back up to normal.  

Challenge accepted!   

My plan was to rest and drink plenty of water.  I knew the iron supplements doctors prescribe are hard to absorb and usually cause constipation.  So I wanted something natural.  

I went home and muscle tested myself to see what my body needed to build itself back up.  I got a list of herbs: alfalfa, dandelion root, and burdock root.  

I also got a blend I now call Iron Supplement…simple, right?  It contains dehydrated liver powder (which is a superfood!) and Indian Gooseberry for the vitamin C.  The body needs vitamin C in order to absorb iron.  It's a good thing I own an herb store and had everything I needed!  

For good measure, I also took a liquid iron supplement that had helped me before.  It’s an all herbal formula (also contains vitamin C) called Floradix.  Obviously, the company that makes it knows what they’re doing!  

I was SOOOO tired when I first came home!  

I rested as much as possible, drank lots of water, and took the herbs I mentioned.  Loving friends brought me meals, and my husband was great about helping make sure I ate.  My kids even stepped up to help.  But let’s face it, Mama needs to be able to function!  

Exactly 4 weeks later, I had blood work done and my new numbers were normal!

Hematocrit 35.4, Hemoglobin 11.5

I made it into the normal range in just 4 weeks instead of the 4-6 months the doctors said it would take!  

Your body is a miraculous healing machine, it just needs the right tools!  

Want to learn more about supporting the body naturally?  


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