These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Ionic Foot Detox Machine
This Ionic Foot Detox Machine is the best I've found.  I use it in my wellness center, but it's very affordable for home use.  
Get foot basins with liners  (you can also get a deep dishpan from Walmart much cheaper)
Get liners  
My Favorite Essential Oil Books
These are my go-to books for essential oils.

This book has been amazing for helping people out of pain related to spinal alignment.  Our muscles control our bones so it makes sense to use our muscles to gently pull our bones back onto place.  
Vitamix Blender
I love my Vitamix and use it every single day.  
It can blend anything, including the seeds in your fruit smoothie.  

The dry mix container grinds herbs and grains fine enough to put into capsules. (sold separately)
This is my favorite dehydrator.  Not only does it preserve your fresh produce, it also keeps things at the perfect temperature for making yogurt, herb infused oils, and glycerin based herbal tinctures.